A new glass extension to the rear of the client’s house prompted them to develop the garden. An old crazy paved patio and lawn with traditional island planting beds, no-longer suited the modern home improvements.

The garden was redesigned to have a contemporary look. Traditional materials such as oak form strong, bold arches and sit comfortably beside stainless steel architectural features. A small formal pool creates a peaceful element in the garden, and the black water reflects the sky and clouds. Abstract sculptures, slate monoliths and hidden areas add interest to the garden. In order to accentuate the size of the garden in a wide, shallow plot, the seating areas have been positioned diagonally opposite each other where a variety of views can be enjoyed. The plants have been selected for seasonal colour, structure and form to give year round interest.

At night the garden takes on a quite different atmosphere and clever lighting brings the garden back to life, as trees and features are up lit and interesting shadows are cast.

In the past year more recent alterations have taken place in the garden to include a stunning cedar clad home office and gym, where once a un-used patio sat, and the dense over grown hedges along the side boundaries have been replaced with bespoke cedar slatted fencing and Pleached Ligustrum trees for additional height and screening.